Autumn Winter 2024

""I've always had access to the other worlds. We all do -- because we dream," said Leonora Carrington. Carrington's paintings, filled with hybrid figures populating dreamlike worlds, show us the power of imagination. With symbolism stemming from ancient Celtic folktales -- white horses, green forests, magical goddesses -- they present the possibilities of melding old with new, of reworking stories for now, and openness for malleability.

They show us that everything is in-flux, and how we can adapt to fit new climates. The key is imagination: a tool vital for rational thinking; for transporting us to realities and fantasies; for opening up different perspectives —teaching us empathy and about how others live; and to dream up a better world for all.”

- Katy Hessel, an art historian and author. Through her The Great Women Artists Podcast and Instagram account, which foreground women artists of past and present, Katy has become one of the most exciting voices in the art world today.

"The Surrealists believed that by championing the subconscious, society would be freed up and capitlism might even be overthrown. In our late capitalist condition, you could argue that our subconscious has instead been colonized by capitalism and is in fact being shaped even more by social media," says Anna Weile Kjaer, curator of Another Surrealism, a Danish touring exhibition (2022-23).

- Quote taken from the Financial Times story "The Surreal Thing" written by Jackie Wullschläger

"Leonora's work connects so forcefully, so remarkably, with the issues of our present time. She was a visionary: she saw into the future, as much as she saw into other worlds that surround us. So much of what preoccupies the wider world today was already preoccupying her in the 1940s and even earlier. Feminism, ecology; spirituality outside of organized religion; the ability of nature to heal us; and especially the interconnectedness of everything: these fascinated Leonora, and now they are at the forefront of everyone's mind."

- Surreal Spaces: The Life and Art of Leonora Carrington by Joanna Moorhead


Cashmere shearling organic raw edge cut finish with corseted detail at the back and dramatic lapel coat.

Wool cashmere fur is seamed to simulate traditional fur finishings creating a linear pattern on coats with strong shoulders and sculpted tulip sleeves. Asymmetric edges appear on dresses with deep, slashed necklines.

Degradé hand-cut sections of cashmere shearling create bold forms in coats, dresses and shoulder capes held with custom clasps.

An organic twisted hand plisse in Nappa leather on tailored coat.

Silk wool jacquard fil coupé with delicate fringe threads in dresses, tops and trousers.

The dress serendipitously replicating the mask from Leonora’s artwork with corseted form into floating hemlines in Nappa leather and double face cashmere.

Suede leather in slip dresses in ivory and chocolate. Tailored suits with signature hardware buttons complete this group.

Epaulettes define proud shoulders on a bold chocolate Nappa leather coat. Utilitarian details create a sharp contrast on signature flare leg trousers.

Signature, custom cashmere swirl lace with Victorian sleeves in dresses, blazers and shirts.

Signature blanket stitch detail finishes scarf coats and edges on jackets in recycled double face cashmere.

Linear quilted recycled cotton linen denim on coats and jackets.

Gabriela’s original drawing is printed on a wool cashmere base, and hand-woven fringed cape on a trench coat with traditional detailing. A hand-woven scarf and blanket complete this group.

Draped double satin is with placed custom lace panels and merino knit on delicate slip dresses.

Liquid silk velvet with raw edge chiffon detailing skims the form in bias slip dresses.

Gold metallic Nappa molded sculptural corset dress with a full skirted silhouette.

Gold metallic Nappa sculpted asymmetric corset with liquid silk velvet bias cut dress.


This season we refined our most luxurious cashmere yarn. The twist in the fibers gives it the look of a rope, adding texture and density, but maintaining its ultimate softness.

Our newest version of our most classic chunky cashmere has been updated this season. The roving cashmere, spun just enough to hold the fibers together, has been twisted into a thick and thin yarn, creating a beautiful, organic looking texture while maintaining its most luxurious hand feel.

Our shearling knits are created using multiple cashmere yarns with degradé fringe to imitate the natural texture and loft of shearling.

This season we translated our signature swirl lace pattern into delicate knitwear.

Our handknit cables are engineered to be chunky at the hem and lightweight at the neck. The body shape is sculpted by increasing or reducing the thickness of the yarn. As the body narrows, the yarn size reduces and the stitches get smaller. Handknit by artisans in Bolivia in 100% cashmere.

Inspired by Leonora Carrington’s paintings, our silk and cashmere knitwear has a soft, delicate fringe that creates a halo around the body.


Clean shapes with minimal hardware feature this season’s fabrics and leathers organically dyed to show the natural markings of the material.

The Winehouse Bag in calfskin leather features a sculptural doctor’s bag construction. It has a leather-inlaid brass frame that offers both a structured top-handle and a soft shoulder-strap functionality.

The Carrington Bag reflects the collection’s clean lines with its rectangular box shape and flat surfaces. Its leather-covered brass frame features a new side-toggle mechanism. It is presented clad in our chocolate cashmere shearling and ivory cashmere lace.

The Soft Demi Bag is reimagined free of hardware to emphasize its soft lines in satin, leather and velvet fabrications.

The Leonora Bag is a satchel style with utilitarian leather binding, extendable top-handle and cross-body strap functionality in textured leather.

The Phoebe Fold-Over Clutch is an unstructured bag made even softer by cashmere shearling and alpaca fabrications, whilst the more structured Nik Clutch offers a sharper alternative with a long, polished golden bar clasp edging its flap.


Ankle boots, kitten heel booties with a visible zipper that follow the line of the leg.

Flat boots with an almond-shaped toe.

Soft ballerinas and timeless loafers with oxford sole.

All these styles are animated in either calf pony hair, metallic leather, suedes in classic nude tones or soft luxury leathers.


Jewelry features recycled gold, platinum and silver designs.

Classic sculptural jewelry shapes such as torques, cuffs, chunky chains and oval hoop earrings in recycled gold and silver are matched with1 ounce ingot charms. These metal blocks hang from leather cords on necklaces and bracelets. A platinum ingot, meanwhile, is set with four pearls on its reverse.

Another pearl group treats the natural material as a setting for precious stones. Made entirely in New York’s jewelry district on 47th Street, black diamonds are bezel-set in platinum and then embedded into individually-sourced large South Sea pearls. This range features rings, ear cuffs, earrings and a pendant necklace.

A selection of sterling silver earrings depicting talismanic motifs from Leonora Carrington’s artworks were crafted by a historic Florentine silversmithing workshop. These include aquiline masks, crescent moons, and a rocking horse that Carrington kept in her studio and featured in many of her self-portraits.

Set Design

The stools from our set this season were designed by Skilset, a Brooklyn Navy Yard based creative studio and fabrication shop that crafts furniture from salvaged materials sourced from around New York City.

Founded by Andy Tyson in 2009, Skilset uses local salvaged materials to create hand-crafted, bespoke pieces. Inspired by the belief that design is for everyone, they take a circular and innovative approach to creation by building simple, utilitarian items from materials sourced from their immediate surroundings.

Skillset is dedicated to the thought that design is for everyone and anyone can build simple and impactful items by sourcing materials from their surroundings.


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