Gabriela Hearst Honored At The Fashion Awards

Thank you to the British Fashion Council for receiving this honor at the Fashion Awards.

We are so proud and encourage by it to continue our commitment of making the highest quality possible product with the lowest impact to our environment. This push us further in our quest to find a way create and do business that is in balance with nature. In this challenging year, we worked even harder to strengthen our small but resilient team, that I am so very proud of. We push our creative boundaries and most importantly we launch different environmental initiatives. Such as

  -Our garment journey a transability action to bring transparency to the process of making product.
-We strengthen our packaging but not only re working our recyclable cardboard hangers but also by securing the first ever biodegradable packing tape, details matters.
-We continue to uses repurpose and recycled materials as when we started in 2017.
-We continue as well to measure and offset the carbon footprint of our show as we set this now standard practice last year.
- We have persisted in our work with NGO to continuing using our young platform for social consciousness we are so grateful to Save The Children, Our Children Trust, Manos Del Uruguay, ShelterSuit, SustainChain and Madre de Dios 

My hope for fashion for the future is that we are able to move towards a circular economy sooner rather than later. I believe that when working with repurpose and recycled materials, this limitations actually laser focus our creativity and our point of view and taste matters even more. To use is our design capacity for a higher purpose is exciting.