Gabriela Hearst Launches Fragrance Collaboration with Fueguia 1833

Gabriela Hearst and Fueguia 1833 announce the launch of a fragrance collaboration with two unique scents: Paysandú and New York. The collaboration marks the first time Fueguia 1833 has partnered with a fashion designer, and Gabriela Hearst’s first foray into the world of fragrance.

"Working with Julian on this project of 2 years has been thrilling.It combines my life so far, half with my roots in Paysandú and half in New York.Childhood memories and landscapes (for Paysandú) and the strength of womanhood (for New York) are combined with the alchemy of science and the pheromone potion that Julian crafted. Julian is hungry for knowledge. He has a mind that can distinguish all the ingredients from every part of the world. The Marcela and the Carqueja found in my ranch in Paysandú are now, for the first time, found in a perfume, and are used to calm your nervous system. The perfumes are crafted using the most natural distillery process: a process Julian would liken to acoustic music (as opposed to electric).These perfumes also represent everything I believe true luxury should represent in the current moment: an uncompromising respect for Mother Nature as a muse for our scent, beauty, experience and senses, evoking quality with limited editions as we simply cannot afford to do too much. Rare and special.”- Gabriela Hearst, Founder & Creative Director

In our conversations with Gabriela, there was an evident reverberance in our creative process, rooted in a love for nature and a passion for science and how and why things work. But also, the way her country resonates in her work always attracted me, the consistency in her message. I admired Gabriela’s inquisitive mind and was curious about her relationship with the scented universe. Her concept was very seductive, not only because that Uruguayan botanical reality is where I also grew up—but because it synthesizes the way I approach the creation of Fueguia’s olfactive landscapes. We were the natural translators of her concepts into fragrances. We became instruments in the adaptation of Gabriela’s vision into scent by providing the tools Fueguia 1833 has had since its inception, botanical research, and innovation. For the composition of these perfumes, we incorporated at least two ingredients that had never been used in perfumery before, such as Marcela and Carqueja.”
- Julian Bedel, Founder of Fueguia 1833

Main Olfactory Family: FLORAL; Secondary Olfactory Family: AROMATIC

Tonic Note: Marcela
Dominant Note: Jazmín del País
Sub Dominant Note: Carqueja

Limón, Espinillo Flower, Dama de Noche, Cedrón, Coronilla Wood, Cabreuva Wood, Butiá, Copaiba Resin, Palo Santo

Main Olfactory Family: WOOD; Secondary Olfactory Family: GOURMAND

Tonic Note: Fir Balsam
Dominant Note: Tobacco
Sub Dominant Note: Jacarandá Wood

Maple Resin, Cedarwood Virginia, Vanilla Absolut, Rose Absolut, Sakura Flower, Black Pepper, Palo Santo, Patchouli, Tonka, Nutmeg

Based on the research of two Nobel prizes, Leopold Ruzicka—who during the mid-1920’s studied the molecular structure of musk—and Linda B. Buck— awarded in 2004 alongside Richard Axel, for their discoveries in scent as a code and a subtle form of communication through volatile molecules—Julian Bedel developed this idea of musk as a language, an amplifier of one’s scent. This compound of pheromone messengers helps volatilize the aroma of skin. As a result, each individual’s aromatic identity gets amplified and gives a distinctive character to each perfume. Ultimately, each person will have a different version of the scent. An exclusive formula of Fueguia’s musk of plant origin was developed both for Paysandú and New York.

True to Fueguia’s mission of botanical research and scientific innovation, the ingredients that compose Paysandú were produced in Fueguia Botany in Manantiales, Uruguay. Marcela and Carqueja, ingredients that had never been used in perfumery, were extracted through Super Critical CO2 at Fueguia’s unique high-end facilities and are what gives a significant part of the unique character of the scent. Marcela, traditionally used by the Charrúas people as a medicinal plant, is still a symbol of this cultural heritage in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina.

The formulation behind New York departs from Paysandú’s, but the use of typical North American woods gives its complexity. It’s a smokier, heavier, and more aged version of the spirit of the rural and herbal Paysandú.

Paysandú and New York fragrances launch August 2023 in Gabriela Hearst and Fueguia 1833 stores and online at and

Editions of the first batch, I-XXII, is 315 each.

Retail price $415

A film by Clara Cullen
Shot by Daniel Bouquet and Clara Cullen
Music composed by Aska Matsumiya
Still Imagery Credits: Clara Cullen

Founded in 2010 by Argentinian artist Julian Bedel in Buenos Aires, Fueguia 1833 is an ethnobotanical project that blends scientific research and artistic exploration for perfume creation.

Each scent is a volatile work of art, evoking olfactory storytelling through meticulously crafted compositions containing over three thousand rare natural ingredients. Inspired by the unspoiled landscapes of Patagonia, the brand pays homage not only to South America's rich culture, history, and art but also to its botanical reality.

Fueguia 1833 produces limited edition perfumes, ranging from 50 to 950 units per batch, in its Laboratory in Milano. The brand maintains full vertical integration, ensuring traceability at every step of the production process. The plant species utilized are sourced from Fueguia Botany, a sustainable plantation in Uruguay, and from local communities that follow the brand's sustainability standards.

This commitment to sustainability extends to the employment of biodegradable ingredients, musk of plant origin, bioethanol, and the exclusion of harmful compounds, such as synthetic preservatives and dyes. In the factory, the latest technology and CO2 extraction with low temperatures are employed.

Fueguia takes care of all stages of its perfume compositions, from sourcing ingredients to distillation and formulation processes. The uniqueness of Fueguia's creations is not only driven by its limited editions, which respond to the attainability of the exotic ingredients employed, but also by the artisanal processes behind each bottle, all of which are filled and packaged by hand.

Based in Milan, the Laboratory and Factory serve as the heart of Fueguia 1833's global operations, connecting with its galleries in Buenos Aires, Uruguay, New York City, Tokyo, London, and Mexico City. In 2023, Fueguia is expanding its presence to Korea and Chile, with galleries soon opening in both countries.

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