Gabriela Hearst on the Energy the Sustainability Movement Needs

Designer Gabriela Hearst accepted a TIME Earth Award on Wednesday, presented to her by actress Jodie Comer, who praised Hearst’s commitment to sustainability through simplicity.

Hearst made clear that the admiration was mutual. “Artists and scientists hold the important keys to get us out of the mess we have gotten ourselves in,” she said before discussing her passion for clean energy.

Hearst has weaved sustainability into her namesake company’s practices—her brand sells handbags on a made-to-order basis and is constantly finding new ways to reduce waste in packaging and fabrics. In 2019, she debuted the first carbon neutral runway show.

“In my journey of sustainability, I have found my holy grail when I understood that sustainability is an energy issue. That we can’t continue moving this world on the majority of fossil fuels.”

Hearst said she’s excited by the transition to more widespread use of alternative energy sources, and she said she’s particularly inspired by scientific advancements in nuclear fusion. But she also spoke about the energy and determination it takes to sustain a movement, adding that she sees role as a “catalyst” for the next generation of leaders.

“Don’t just take the last hopeless drink at the bar. Let’s take care and conserve, regenerate what we have, as there are brilliant young brains giving themselves to the climate cause.”


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