Resort 2024

“When Rome spread its empire over the whole Mediterranean and into part of Western Europe, care was taken to eliminate anything that might harm its socio-political organisation. This is very evident in Celtic countries: the Romans pursued the Druids until they disappeared into Gaul and later into Britain. The Druids represented an absolute threat to the Roman State, because their science and philosophy dangerously contradicted Roman orthodoxy. The Romans were materialistic, the Druids spiritual. For the Romans the State was a monolithic structure spread over territories deliberately organised into a hierarchy. With the Druids it was a freely consented moral order with an entirely mythical central idea. The Romans based their law on private ownership of land, with property rights entirely vested in the head of the family, whereas the Druids always considered ownership collective. The Romans looked upon women as bearers of children and objects of pleasure, while the Druids included women in their political and religious life. We can thus understand how seriously the subversive thought of the Celts threatened the Roman order, even though it was never openly expressed.”

The Druids – Peter Berresford Ellis



Black nappa with painted edge details on tailored suit and cape.
Nappa plongé with double satin draped back slip dress.
Herringbone pieced shearling coat with GH swirl embroidery.
Aloe linen pintucking dress, button-down shirts, and pleated skirt.
Eco double-face cashmere linen fabrics creating volume capes, tailoring, quilting, and dressing.
Strong rounded shoulders in tailoring and coats in recycled double-face cashmere and wool crepe.
Red suede geometric accents with crochet details.
Organic pleated drapes to create sculptural shapes in nappa, silk wool cady, and double satin silk.
Vegetable dye wool linen twill trench coat.
Rose gold hardware details made as buttons, circle accents, and jewelry armband details.


Black dress with exaggerated round shoulder, knit in cashmere/merino blend doubleknit stitch.
Fine gauge merino dress in textural pebble stitch with puff sleeves and contrast trims.
Fine gauge cashmere blend ivory doubleknit dress with red suede patch inset with hand crochet.
100% cashmere traditional aran cable sweater handknitted by artisans in Bolivia.


Taylor Bag
Slouchy clutch bag in soft nappa leather with chain strap inspired from our fine jewelery necklaces and bracelets. The outer shell features an inverted ‘V’ pleat reminiscent of the folds on the Nina and Demi bags.

Ring Bag
Inspired by the Druids, the large metal ring representing oneness and looking after oneself through responsibility, integrity and ethics.

Nina with metal handle attach
Classic house staple updated for resort with a rose gold metal handle attach.

Small Marvelle Satchel
In nappa leather with nappa lining with howlite stone closure.


The footwear collection takes its inspiration and references from classic Gabriela Hearst’s styles. Key colors of the season are Ivory, Black, Blush, Mineral blue and Gold.

Lynn Sandal
Gabriela Hearst's classic 'Lynn' sandals are inspired by traditional fisherman sandal’s style. They're made from multi-strips of smooth leather with a seamless construction in a elegant, caged design with a side buckle detail in rose gold or silver. Handmade by artisans in Italy.

Linda Boot
Gabriela Hearst’s signature over knee boot are crafted in Italy.

Striker Sandal
Gabriela Hearst’s signature “Striker” platform sandals, made in Italy, are crafted out of a biodegradable EVA platform on a cuoio leather sole with a comfortable footbed.


The jewelry was made in NewYork's jewelry district (47th Street) in 18K gold or silver, with touches of lapis lazuli, onyx and mother of pearl inlays.