First Retail Residence at Hyundai Department Store in South Korea

Gabriela Hearst opens the first retail residence in Korea at Hyundai Department Store Apgujeong Main Branch.

Gabriela Hearst commissioned designer-makers Benji Gavron and Antoine Dumas to envision a collection of fine furniture for her stores. This collection is called Nomad.

Nomad isn't only a set of furniture with a similar design aesthetic, but an ode to a way of making that the modern world has left behind. The reasoning behind the Nomad concept is to stay in correlation with the approach of making what Gabriela Hearst stands for. Each piece is crafted by local artisans, using only local timbers that have fallen naturally, or are upcycled from prior functions. The lifecycle of the Nomad pieces is in continuation with the traditions of craftsmanship, respecting the natural rhythms of nature.

Hyundai Main is the first location where a large majority of the Nomad collection is being displayed. This project consists of twenty-one finely handcrafted pieces of wood and leather furniture. The lumber used is Zelkova, a Korean timber. This material was chosen in collaboration with the Korean craftsmen, a traditional local lumber for high end furniture. The leather is a high-quality, fully traceable material from Europe. To achieve the excellency of craftsmanship desired, Benji and Antoine collaborated with three different Korean based woodworking studios. Each studio crafted parts of the collection from technical drawings, each collaborated on aspects of joinery and engineering. This collaboration is what makes the Nomad pieces unique to each of their locations.

“I am very lucky that I work with some of the best creatives in the world, I can say it seldom happens when somebody understands you intrinsically and your aesthetic. It was instantaneous with Antoine & Benji.”
- Gabriela Hearst, Founder & Creative Director

"Gabi gave us complete creative freedom within the parameters of making what Gabriela Hearst stands for, crafted locally, with local timbers that have fallen naturally, or are up-cycled from prior functions. This project’s aesthetic uses ornamental detailing such as leather inlays, and complex wood shaping to emphasize the beauty of the timber and the outstanding skills of the local Korean artisans.”
- Antoine Dumas and Benji Gavron

The residence includes pieces from Gabriela Hearst women’s collections– including ready-to-wear, fine merino wool and cashmere knitwear, footwear, and handbags. The location will be the exclusive retailer for Gabriela Hearst handbag collection in the region, specifically the Nina, the Demi, the Diana, the Baez, and the Nostalgia among others.

Gabriela Hearst Hyundai Deparment Store Apgujeong Main Branch 3F
+82 2 3438 6132