Digital Identity and Garment Journey


Gabriela Hearst has partnered with EON, which is a leading digital identity platform for fashion and apparel – connecting products throughout their lifecycle by unlocking visibility, traceability, and insight through a QR code. The goal is to provide customers with more transparency by sharing the supply chain and giving them access to learn about their garments journey.

"One thing is for sure - [fashion] needs transparency. Even for myself, who is passionate about the subject, it was hard to gather this information." - Gabriela

When customers scan the QR codes on the labels of the Spring Summer 2020 collection, they are given access to information about materials used, country of origin, production process, certifications, and the inspiration of the garment. The Garment Journey builds value and reinforces the brands focus on sustainability. It also allows interested customers to engage with the product on a more detailed level to understand the origin and composition of the garment.

One of the garments featured in the Garment Journey is the Ares Dress, which is made from sustainable hemp linen.

View the Ares Dress Garment Journey Here